About Us

About Us

Batik on Wood made in Indonesia. We sell batik cloths as well (batik tulis and batik cap [stamp]).

When did we start?

Seni Home was founded from December 2010 to January 2011. The owner (Simran I. Nanwani) wanted to have her own small business whilst being able to delve into her other passions amongst others Photography, Writing, and Travel. She wanted something she could easily handle and manage yet kept her busy.

How did the name Seni Home come to mind?

Whilst, brainstorming for the name, Home was certain as the interest was to promote Handicrafts from Indonesia plus it had to be a global name. For the second word, as it relates to Indonesia thus, the name had to be Indonesian. Seni means arts and crafts. Finally, both words combined became Seni Home (Home of Arts).

How do we see the future?

We have been in the business for almost 9 years now, but the main idea is to keep it stable and small whilst growing naturally.