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Ethnic Gifts crafted Creatively for you.

We sell batik on wood and batik cloths (tulis/ hand-drawn or cap/stamp). Our main focus is batik on wood that can be used as souvenirs or homeware and home decor accesories.

What is Batik?

Batik is an art technique used to create various handicraft products. This art technique was found in Far East, Middle East, Central Asia and India from over 2,000 years ago. The history of batik in Indonesia is related to the development of the Majapahit kingdom and the spread of Islamic teachings in Java. Batik began to be developed during the Mataram kingdom, then continued during the Solo and Yogyakarta kingdoms. Batik was initially used in the Courts as the attires for the Kings and Queens but eventually Batik evolved to be produced by the general public and became popular as clothing. The art of batik has been developed to a higher standard on the island of Java in Indonesia.

When did we start?

Seni Home was created in January 2011. The owner (Simran Ishwar) passionate about her country Indonesia and the local handicrafts started this small online business selling Batik on wood.

Why the name "Seni Home"?

Whilst, brainstorming for the name, “Home” was certain as it’s a global word and the main interest was to promote Handicrafts from Indonesia (her home). The second word, had to be Indonesian thus, “Seni” which means arts and crafts. As she is an avid fan of arts and crafts it was only fitting to  combine both into Seni Home (Home of Arts).

How do we see the future?

We have been in the business for 13 years now, and we would like to keep it stable and small whilst growing naturally. At the same time, promoting “Wonderful Indonesia” through the beauty of Batik.

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